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Jebanesh Vijayakumar
i am writing this to reference my visit to Tamira hospital concerning Rhinoplasty surgical Treatment, which i've done during my visit to Chennai on August 2019 where I heard about the Tarmira plastic surgery.... More
Phanendra Koppisetti
Had a wonderful experience with tamira for hair transplant right from the day of consultation to the day of leaving including surgery day. The follow-ups was really good and jayanthi madam including other staff...More
I am completely satisfied with the customer service and care for their patients at Tamira dental , I did see Dr. Manasa few times and would highly recommend her , very professional and she did listen to what I want ...More
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Your Top 10 Breast Augmentation FAQs, Answered

Did you know that breast augmentations are the top cosmetic surgery in the world?
Every year, more than 1.6 million women undergo this surgery to improve their confidence and to achieve the body of their dreams.Read more >>

New @ Tamira

Miradry is a newer, FDAapproved noninvasive procedure that uses microwave technology to target and eliminate sweat and odor glands from the armpits (50 – 60% in one treatment) and also results in permanent hair growth reduction up to 20-30%.Read more >>

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