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Did you know that over 40% consumers say that they look for information online for health related queries and the information they find affects the way they take decisions pertaining to their health. The Internet of Things has created customers who are aware. Google is a store house of knowledge and we need to leverage it, but with some caution.  Read more

  The invention corner

3D Liposuction iѕ the nеw 3-Dimensional аррrоасh tо fаt loss, skin tightеning аnd cellulite еliminаtiоn.

Nоthing else оffеrѕ ѕuсh a complete and еffесtivе solution which makes this a great аltеrnаtivе tо Surgiсаl Liposuction.

  Do it yourself

Another reason to savor the flavor: your coffee habit protects you from Parkinson's. Reap the benefits with 3 cups a day!

Coffee doesn't just wake you up; it helps keep diabetes at bay!

  Hi Doctor Session on Laser Hair Reduction

Tamira has just launched an interactive Question and Answer series on Aesthetic treatments called Hi Doctor. In this series, which is broadcast live on Youtube every saturday, one of Tamira's doctors will answer questions on popular aesthetic treatments. Be there during the next session to answer their questions.

  *Offer valid till 31st June 2019. Offer valid only on medical spa Consultation only. Consultations by appointments only.  
  Complete Guide to Upper Lip Hair Removal

Stressed About Your 'Stache?

Anyone who is on Facebook or Instagram has definitely come across posts normalizing female body hair. More and more women are embracing it and if your 'stache isn't something that bothers you, rock it! More details


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